Why BIRKENTREE Birchwater and not water?

BIRKENTREE Birchwater adds a complexity that water alone cannot match. Water is thin and dilutes the whisky, whereas our Birchwater leaves a smooth mouth-feel which complements the palette, allowing you to experience the unadulterated layers within fine whiskies.

What makes BIRKENTREE Birchwater different from other mixers?

Unlike most other mixers, Birchwater is completely natural, low in sugar, with nothing added. We aim to keep it this way, preserving the integrity of this ancient drink.

How much Birchwater should I add to my whisky?

Our whisky guru and leading Whisky Maker, Max McFarlane, recommends that the optimum ratio is 50:50, however it is all down to personal taste.

Will the Birchwater overpower or undermine my whisky?

Quite the reverse, it accentuates the flavour profile of fine whiskies; Birchwater is subtle and delicate, making it the perfect pairing for whisky.

Coming from a tree, will it have a sap like consistency?

A question often asked. Birchwater is indeed pure sap, however, it is called Birchwater because it does not have a sticky, sweet consistency like other tree saps. It has a light, water-like consistency but with subtle, smooth layers and a delicate complexity.

Why is it so important to shake the product before you serve?

Birchwater is similar to fruit juice, in that it is completely natural. The liquid is filtered and bottled in its natural state, therefore it may contain a small amount of sediment which appears at the bottom of the bottle when stored. This is completely normal and, once shaken, will disappear; this sediment contains the magic of the active enzymes that produce the signature characteristics of this ultimate whisky mixer.

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