In historical times, Highlanders would tap Birch trees in Spring and use the Birchwater for reputed health giving benefits. Indeed, there is reason to believe that Birchwater provided the inspiration for the national drink itself, as whisky - ‘Uisge Betha’- is a derivation of ‘Uisge Beithe’ - Birchwater."

BT Group

Four Friends,

One Vision


BIRKENTREE is the old Scots word for Birch tree and the original Birchwater dedicated to whisky. It has been created by four friends - Rob, Gabrielle, Elspeth and Euan - to fill a gap in the market as a natural mixer for whisky.

Birchwater from Japan and America has been used to good effect to complement their fine single malts but, surprisingly, there is little evidence of Scotch Whisky being combined with Scottish Birchwater - BIRKENTREE aims to remedy this!

Our Birchwater imparts a smoothness and elegance in a way which complements and enhances whisky.

Our Founder Directors, Rob Clamp (a professional forester) and his wife Gabrielle (a herbalist), have an intimate knowledge of forestry, native Scottish species and plants. They select carefully only the most venerable birch trees which range in age from one hundred to two hundred and fifty years old.

Other than the exciting prospect of a new dedicated natural mixer for the world of whisky, one of the most compelling aspects of our product is its ancient place within Scottish history.