In the chill of early spring when the Scottish Highlands awake from their winter slumber, we tap ancient Birch trees - some of which are over 200 years old - for their precious rising liquid."


BIRKENTREE Birchwater is harvested straight from the tree in its purest, most natural, form.

These ancient birch trees are unique to Scotland due to our geographical position, climate and topography. As a result, we have discovered that these trees produce the smoothest, most delicate, Birchwater. Harvesting only lasts for three to four weeks during early Spring when the Highland forests awake from their Winter slumber. Nutrient-rich water is drawn up through the tree’s capillary structure and converted into mineral-rich sap to enable the tree to come back into leaf again.

Like our ancestors, we carefully hand tap the trees and collect the Birchwater. We only take 1-2% of the liquid the tree draws up on a daily basis. This process, which has been carried out for generations, is sustainable, non-invasive and completely harmless to the tree itself. We ‘re-plug’ the small holes with birch wood after tapping has been completed.

At BIRKENTREE, not only do we produce the finest Birchwater, we also actively manage our ancient birch woods in Highland Perthshire to ensure that these woodlands are cherished and thriving for generations to come.